While living in Los Angeles for more than a decade, Sunshine became the resident host and DJ at one of LA’s top monthly events “Cali Hustle” alongside performing artist QVLN. Under the name DJ Sunny Z, Sunshine is admired for her eclectic style of song-selection that melds together Afrobeat, Soul, Samba, Reggae, Salsa, Reggaeton, Rock, Classic Hip Hop, and Funk. She loves to spin multiple-genre-spanning sets, opening up her audiences’ ears to a diverse plethora of sounds and vibrations. She effortlessly creates a vivacious and playful energy that leaves listeners feeling uplifted and energized. Whether it be an intimate evening setting or an afternoon beachside event, DJ Sunny Z will interlace a perfect collection of tracks to make your event truly unique and memorable. 

Ecstatic Dance featuring QVLN & DJ Sunny Z

QVLN & DJ Sunny Z are renowned for their global footprint in delivering captivating Ecstatic Dance experiences and live music performances. From the pristine beaches of Australia to the bustling streets of New York City, together their dynamic energy has graced stages across diverse locales including Bali, Morocco, Mali, and prominent cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Washington D.C. Join them on a journey of rhythm and positivity that transcends borders.

This dynamic husband and wife duo is led by multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer Quetzal Guerrero also known as QVLN (Q-Violin) and supported by the vibrant sound selector DJ Sunny Z. Together they are at the forefront of music genre evolution and exploration. Their sound encompasses the Afro diasporic rhythms of the Western hemisphere combined with electronic Global Bass elements to elevate your consciousness.

Having both studied Nada Yoga, the ancient Indian practice of “union through sound,” cultivated in Rishikesh, India, QVLN and Sunny Z infuse their music with profound depth. Their extensive cultural engagements and collaborations across Africa, Australia, Indonesia, and South America enrich their offerings, delivering a truly distinctive and authentic experience for the Ecstatic Dance community.

Ecstatic Dance Event Highlights

Live Vibrational Yoga with Sunshine Zerda & QVLN

What is Live Vibrational Yoga?

Incorporates a gentle meditative yoga flow led by international instructor and lululemon legacy ambassador Sunshine Zerda alongside intuitive musical exploration by world-renowned performing artist QVLN.

This unique combination of live music, movement and breathwork is designed to bring mindfulness into the present moment. We guide participants through focused breathwork, internal energy realignment, and sensory rejuvenation with vibrational frequency healing. This restorative yoga experience aims to instill profound rest and reignite intuition and creativity within each guest.

About Us

A former United States Junior Olympic athlete in the sport of Gymnastics, Sunshine Zerda is also a certified personal trainer, high intensity functional training expert, certified RYT Yoga teacher, lululemon legacy ambassador, certified Hot Pilates Mat instructor, and self-defense combat specialist. Her vivacious personality has garnered praise throughout the wellness community as well as with first timers looking for the right place to start. 

International performing artist, singer, songwriter, violinist and composer, QVLN (pronounced Q-Violin) is at the forefront of music genre evolution and exploration. With an intense understanding of North, Central and South American rhythms, his creative directive is to navigate all forms of musical expression focusing on community outreach, social justice and arts education. Using his electric violin as his compass, QVLN’s intention is to open new realms in the hearts and minds of listeners. 

Together they have created Live Vibrational Yoga, which fuses meditation, movement and music, evoking vibrational healing through live sound and a gentle yoga flow.

Our Purpose

To integrate the collective consciousness with grounding, movement, mindfulness, sound healing, connection and guiding the community in experiencing elevated vibrations/emotions of joy, love, empathy and gratitude. We create a space where all humans are celebrated, uplifted, supported, and empowered. Ultimately, helping all beings to live a higher quality of life.

Music Curation

Every event or gathering, extravagant or intimate, has the ability to leave an impression on its guests especially through music and sound. Sound is the culmination of vibrations through the air and each vibration has an opportunity to create a feeling and experience unique to that time and place. Sunshine is passionate about creating lasting impressions on those who attend her events and facilities, and her wealth of knowledge in sound curation allows her to bring a sense of uniqueness to every opportunity she commits into.

Her music experience spans across many different industries ranging from high profile music gatherings to wellness events and overseas venues. With an innate ability to sense the natural energy of a space, Sunshine can masterfully pull together the right music selections to create just the ambiance needed. Her driving force in her work, along with her deep passion for music, is the belief that sound can help heal the soul.


Sunshine approaches each space with an elevated sense of what sound and music will evoke to create a long lasting feeling of serenity, peace and revival. She can create unique playlists featuring genres that appeal to your client demographic. Sunshine’s goal is to make every guest feel as though they have entered an oasis unlike any other, and one they can’t wait to return to time and time again.

If you’re looking to create a specific feeling or energetic vibe in your space, Sunshine will start by either visiting your location or workshopping by phone or video call, to get an understanding of the atmosphere and intended outcome of your space. She will then build on your vision and create a curated playlist tailored to elevate and enhance the desired emotions of the business.