I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will NEVER forget how you made them feel.

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will NEVER forget how you made them feel.

Consultant for Wellness and Fitness Brands

With her wide range of experiences as an instructor, studio manager, retreat organizer and leader, content producer, workshop facilitator and fitness programmer, Sunshine’s passion for health and wellness allows her the ability to guide business owners on the right path to making their dream company come to life.

Design + Planning for Build Outs of Studios and Retreat Spaces

With experience in both small boutique studios as well as multi-location franchises, Sunshine excels in bringing together all aspects of a wellness space build-out. From layout and materials to lighting and decor, her true expertise shines when she’s able to work with architects and designers to bring to life a specific vision.

Equipment Orders

Finding and sourcing the right equipment and machines can be a daunting task with so many different brands and models to choose from. After managing the fit-out of multiple studios worldwide, Sunshine has in-depth knowledge and understanding of which brands to explore and more importantly, what items to invest in for long-term success.

Fitness Programming

Already have a studio but need assistance creating a program of classes that meets the needs of your students and also provides variety? Sunshine can effortlessly create weekly, monthly, or seasonal fitness programs that can be tailored to your class offerings. And if your brand only offers a few training modalities, Sunshine’s diverse knowledge and certifications can provide you guidance on how to hybridize your current classes through minimal training and alterations.

Interview + Audition Instructors

If you have a studio but are in need of finding the right instructors for your community, Sunshine has 10+ years of experience interviewing and auditioning instructors from a vast variety of modalities and certifications. As a lululemon Legacy Ambassador, her network of individuals in the fitness industry spreads over multiple continents and countries. And given so much of the world is using online/virtual classes, Sunshine is able to easily do the due diligence of vetting and creating a team of instructors from anywhere in the world.

Dedicated to Excellence in Vinyasa Sculpt Education

Embark on a transformative journey with my specialized Yoga with Weights Teacher Training Program. As a seasoned consultant, I offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs:

Expand your brand’s horizons and skill set through collaborative opportunities:

Elevate your practice and enrich your studio by partnering with me to extend the benefits of Yoga with Weights to your community. Integrate cardio, HIIT, enhanced musculoskeletal strength and optional hand weights for heart health, calorie burn, and lean muscle growth.

Curate a Unique Calendar of Events

Ready to expand your studio offerings to more than just daily and weekly classes? Let Sunshine create a full calendar inclusive of workshops, unique experiences and fundraiser events to broaden your offerings and bring together more of your community. From masterclasses with international guest teachers to ecstatic dance offerings, Sunshine is able to put forth a variety of ideas to choose from and help create an agenda and schedule for the event inclusive of pricing and materials needed.

Content Producer for Social Media Platforms

With social media being most individuals’ first impression of a studio or space, it’s important to project the right images, video and content to your followers. Sunshine is skilled at producing and curating content for social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook unique to the fitness and wellness industry. She is also well connected with talented filmmakers, photographers, artists and musicians who can collaborate on content projects to create videos and images unique to your brand.

Retreat organizer

One of Sunshine’s most passionate projects has been leading and organizing retreats in Bali and Mexico. From curating the daily schedules of fitness, yoga and meditation classes to coordinating delicious gourmet menus to securing off site excursions to local cultural experiences, Sunshine can put together the retreat of your dreams. And with her high spirited and full of life attitude, Sunshine will ensure that every guest comes away from your retreat feeling revived and reborn.

Cultivate Recovery

With a passion for healing, finding balance and having an extensive background in wellness modalities, Sunshine can provide recovery offerings that will pair seamlessly into any business in the health and fitness industry. From infrared saunas to acupuncture, ice baths to Ayurvedic medicine, Sunshine can help create the optimal experience to integrate into any organization. She can assist you in providing a place for guests to switch off and recover. Sunshine’s goal is to offer clients the best recovery treatments so they can continue living an optimized life while enjoying their daily training and lifestyle.