Sunshine Zerda

Connecting you to higher quality of life experiences, through wellness, music and movement.

All actions and intentions that originate from love will manifest into great results.

Consultant for Wellness and Fitness Brands

Passion and proven experience. Having spent a decade in the corporate sector as a marketing consultant, Sunshine has spearheaded numerous wellness studio projects, melding her experience not only from the corporate world but as an instructor and consultant for wellness spaces and events. 

We are all connected.

Music Curation

The right music and sounds for your soul. Every event or gathering, extravagant or intimate, has the ability to leave an impression on its guests through music and sound. With an innate ability to sense the natural energy of a space, Sunshine can masterfully pull together the right music selections to create just the ambiance needed.


Movement + Fitness

A multidisciplinary approach to holistic wellness. Sunshine can effortlessly create weekly, monthly or seasonal fitness programs that can be tailored to your class offerings. And if your brand only offers a few training modalities, Sunshine’s diverse knowledge and certifications can provide you guidance on how to hybridize your current classes through minimal training and alterations.

Sunshine's Mission

Sunshine has a fearless and uncompromising approach to wellness which is fueled by her intimate understanding of the demands of our busy lifestyles and the detriment of stress to our health. Her mission is to move ideas into action by delivering unique and tailored experiences that guide positive transformation for body and mind.

Make a commitment to recharge the body, mind and soul.